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Music I listen to

I listen to classical a great deal, and Public Radio. I'm still fond of "The Stones," Def Lepard and 1960's acid rock. Can't help that, I grew up on it.

Movies I like

Almost any war movie, however my favorites are "Soldier" w/Kurt Russell, "The Beast," The Longest Day," "Kelly's Hero's," "Saving Private Ryan," "Stalingrad," and more. I have plenty of DVD's that include many of the classical B/W movies made during WW II. Of course sometimes it's nice just to watch a good end of the world cannibal zombie movie.

People I look up to

These men taught me something important, in words or deeds.

My grandfather, Conrad
My dad, Roger

Medal of Honor holders;
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlin
Alvin York
Roger Young
Audie Murphy

Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds holder;
Erich Hartmann

This is me.

I'm 64 years old, my dad taught me to shoot when I was 6. We shot a 1890 Winchester in 22 WRF, a M1910/22 FN Browning, and a Remington Rand M1911A1. Throughout the years I've continued shooting. I bought my first rifle, an 1891 Argentine Mauser (in mint condition), at the of 13, followed by a 1865 Remington Rolling Block in 7mm and a excellent condition M1903A3, a .38 Webley and a .38 S&W break top.

When I graduated high school in 1970 I entered the Army for a four-year "hitch." While in the Army I became a Drill Sergeant. During that duty I taught and shot the M-16A1 a great deal. I fired thousands of rounds semi and automatic fire. I also acquired several other firearms during this time. My own 1911A1, and a .25 ACP "Colt Junior."

After the Army I continued to collect firearms. A Ruger Blackhawk in .45 Colt, and a Super Blackhawk. An M-1 carbine, a Savage 110 PL in 7mm magnum, some shotguns (pump and double barrel) were my long guns. It was about 1975 that I bought my first "Lee Loader" in .45 Colt and started re-loading. Lee Loaders for most of the rest of my guns followed. This only lasted a year or so, an RCBS RockChucker (which I still use) replaced the tedium of the Lee Loaders and production soared.

During the intervening years I've owned and sold many, many different firearms, many I wish I hadn't. Russian SVT-40, MAS 49/56 (with issued scope), many, many different Armalites (AR-15's), M-1 Garand, SKS's, RPK's and AK's, Hakim, BM-59, and Springfield M1A1 were just some. I reloaded for them all, including the SVT-40 for which I hunted up some Berdan primers and reloaded the original Czech brass cases. I also collected pistols in .32 ACP, .380 ACP, 7.62x25, .38 S&W, .38 Special, .357, 9mm, .45 ACP, .44 Magnum, and .45 Colt. I reloaded for all of these too. These firearms taught me a great deal as I cleaned and maintained them, on occasion repairing something that broke.

I worked most of my adult life as a machinist, manufacturing parts for hay balers, hand tools and hydraulic tools, machinery used in the lumber industry, nuclear power plants and submarines, CNC machines used in the manufacture of micro-processors and more. For the majority I worked to tenths of a thousandth. I also worked as a hobby gunsmith the whole time, repairing my own and others firearms. I bought my own lathe and milling machine and began a part-time business in 1989. Since then I've built race guns for competition, police duty weapons, and concealed carry pistols. I've done general gunsmithing during all this time also.

I used to compete in bowling pin shooting and in 1988 won first place in the state finals in the single action pistol and .22 rim fire class. Placed second in .45 ACP Pistol and shotgun, third in 9mm pistol. I'd fire anywhere from 100 to 200 cartridges a day when I competed, re-loading them all.

While all of this was happening I joined the Oregon National Guard where I've had a good second career with firearms. I've fired many more thousands of rounds using the M16A2, M-4 carbine, M240B, M-249, MK 19 and M-2 machineguns, and M220 TOW missile launchers. This experience gives me over 26 years of military service. Being in the guard allowed me to return to college and earn a B.S. degree in Law Enforcement.

I worked as a government employee since 2001 and retired in 2012 For a time that employment involved Depot Level Weapons Maintenance for the Oregon National Guard. I got to repair and test fire all the firearms I'd been using for years.

So, I have some decent experience re-loading and repairing firearms, machinery, and life in general.

What I'm getting my nose in.

The "Say what ya want" block.

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    Give you one point for testing the .25acp handload on yourself!
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    Carl Gustav

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    Eric, that's one heck of an impressive resume!!!  My father was a machinist and had his own machine shop until a near fatal heart attack at age 59 forced him onto disability.  He died a couple of years ago at age 85.  He specialized in machining the nasty stuff like stainless, sintered stainless, monel, inconnel, hastelloy, etc.  That was many years ago before CNC equipment.  He wanted me to follow in his foot steps but I was not cut out to be a machinist.  I couldn't live up to his standards and I don't know if he ever forgave me.  I did spend thousands of hours doing lathe work, including setup, machining 303, 304, and 316 stainless without a steady lubricant/coolant stream on the tool.  I just dabbed on black cutting oil with a brush and would often end the day soaked in that wretched stuff.  I still have occasional nightmares after 35 years of having machined a bunch of parts without having checked size to see if they were still in tolerance!!  Talk about waking up in a cold sweat!! 

    My brother worked for more than thirty as a machinist for Allison Transmission doing mostly prototype parts on CNC equipment with Unigraphics programing.  He retired about a year ago.  He has our father's ability and was very good at what he did.  That time at Allison caused him to lose respect for both the union and management, though.           
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    Thank you eb, I just wish the weather wasn't so shitty around here so I could shoot more. I got all excited when the weather man said it was going up to 60 today, but it's pouring down rain. Guess you would really love to see 60 degrees and pouring rain where you are. At least it melted all the snow. Keep in touch.

    Tim "Mangda"
    ps: Mangda means gigalo in Thai.
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    Dropping off a Kudos for You!!!

    whycarry3910-1.jpg 45% picture by odinsman

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    Ed Novak

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    "All I seem to stimulate is controversy" - I think, no, not "all". Takes all kinds of folks to make the world and some have an opinion much above their qualifications to judge. I've been on the various fora for a number of years; quit some because I was viewed as wearing a "tinfoil hat", and worse. Still, I am happy to post my opinions and willing to take any hits I am entitled to. You are as entitled to your opinion(s) as anyone else and you should make no apologies for same; You have a tremendous amount of experience in your background, pride in what you have done and no one can deny or take those things from you. You know who you are and you know things that most of us can only ask about. Do NOT sell yourself short!
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    doug henry

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    Hi Eric.

    I see from you postings a great deal of firearm and reloading experience from rifles to hand guns and currently shoot and reload for many cartridge types. You also enjoy posting you experience, preferences and opinions and are fair with others posting to the forum.

    I too have posted items which have stirred them up such as my Berdan to Boxer conversion, use of powders not suited to a particular cartridge, duplex powder charges, reforming cases and others. My exclusive use of Lee equipment has clashed with RCBS users.

    Experience and 'out of the box' thinking expands everyones knowledge and stimulates members to try something different and perhaps find better loads and greater enjoyment of this endeavor. A recent post (I don't remember who) cleared the air by saying (paraphrased) information offered is for information sake and to be evaluated by an individual as it may apply to them, no offense if the information is not used.

    Controversial? no, stimulating yes. skyed is a member with many posts that have stirred debates. At one point a couple of members that came down on him but several other members came to his defense.

    Keep posting, Doug

    PS I live in San Jose, CA. I grew up in Weed, CA which is at the base of Mt. Shasta.
    My personal email address is [email protected]

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    doug henry

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    I'm always looking forward to your insight and comments.


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    Reply from eb in oregon:

    Ya know, I've been thinking Doug. What insights?

    All I seem to generate is controversy.


People that talk to me.

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